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Tile Stripping and Waxing, Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Concrete Cleaning in Westchester, Elmhurst, Oak Park and Western Suburds of Chicago IL

Without proper Floor Maintenance, Floors will become dull, scratched or even discolored. Floor Scrubbing, Floor stripping and Floor Waxing or any other Floor Cleaning Service is FREE when you hire us to do a daily, weekly or biweekly janitorial service. 

Sparkle Janitorial Services can offer you a floor care programs to help you improve and maintain in the appearance of your floors. We specialize in stripping and waxing commercial vinyl tile floors. In the current economic climate, businesses of all types are challenged with maintaining finished floors with limited budgets and personnel.

Professionally maintained floors can give your business the pleasing aesthetic that will both impress and intrigue your clients. Protect your investment and avoid costly repairs by doing regularly scheduled maintenance work. Without proper flooring maintenance, floors will become dull, scratched or even discolored. There is nothing worse than walking into a business that has dull and dirty floors.

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